Facials and Skin Care

Rejuvenating Facials:

Want to pamper yourself or a loved one? Or want to heal your skin from damage, hyper-pigmentation, signs of fatigue, loss of firmness, etc.? Our rejuvenating facials is the answer. Our technicians are equipped to work on all skin types and alter our service to match with your skin! While we work on your skin, how about a nice and relaxing massage that will help your body relax to compliment your skin.

P.S. We apologize to spoil you with so many choices!!


Express Facial: Don’t have much time? Well, we have express way! Even if it is your lunch time, grab a quick bite followed by some cleansing, scrubbing and a soothing mask. 30mins $40

Ultima Chillax Facial: Take a break from all the running around and blow off some steam with this option. Take extra breather with an extended massage. Don’t worry if you take a trip to the dreamland! 65mins $100

Galvion Facial: An option for all skin types! Restores moistures for dry skin and removes excess oil for oily ones. Charged particles are electrically transported to deliver nutrients deep into your skin to rejuvenate it from within. 50mins $60

Thirsty Skin Facial: Let the skin have its share of water. Chose this option if your skin is dry & craves for hydration. Your skin will be happier than ever before. 50mins $60

Herbal: Try our herbal option to let the natural, earthly nutrients to rejuvenate you! 45mins $50

Fruit Salad: Here is fruit salad for your skin. Let the juices stimulate skin revival. 50mins $50

Rejuvenating Facial: Premature fine lines are reduced in appearance with exfoliating cleanse, massage ending with antioxidant/multivitamin complex masque and mist. A carefully structured blend of botanicals and super-rich conditioners are applied to the skin to fight against the aging process. This is a truly wonderful facial and a pampering experience for every skin type. 60min $100



Teen Facial: Want a youthful option for a young skin? Teen facial is fit for teens and young adults with special paid to acne treatment using desincrustation. 50mins $45

Back Treat: Want to deep cleanse your back ‘coz you can’t reach it every day? Back treat is the way to go. 50 mins$60

Skin Centric Facial: A facial directed specifically to your skin type. Whether it is dry, oily or combination, this facial will be customized to yield optimized results. 60mins $70

Microdermabrasion Facial: Improve texture, scarring, lines and wrinkles on your skin with this facial. $120

The Gentleman’s Facial: Here is an option especially for guys with special attention to extraction. 60mins $80

Introducing Micro-Needling: It creates collagen and makes your skin tighter giving you a more youthful appearance. $400

Revitalizing Services (Green Peel)

With so much pollution around and very little time to nurture your skin, don’t you sometimes wish that your skin was clean, clear and could somehow reborn?? Our peels will do that for you. Your skin will be revitalized and would become clearer, cleaner than ever before. We also have different levels of intensity according to your skin condition and preference.

P.S. Who says Phoenix is not real, try the peel and new skin will be reborn amidst the old one!

Green Peel® Fresh Up: Want a gentle complexion refresher, or increase nutrient absorption for skin or improve hydration of skin? Fresh Up is the option for you. (1 x per week)$120

Green Peel® Energy: An intensive treatment which will helps fighting skin related problems arising from aging. It helps by increasing blood circulation and metabolism. It have also shown promising results with blemishes, impurities, scarring and hyperpigmentation. (1 x every 2 weeks) $160

Green Peel® Classic: Let your skin be reborn with this advanced option. It is highly recommended option for skins having sun damage and extensive scarring. After the regeneration, feel radiant, fresher and younger with baby soft skin. (1 x per month) $300

Restoration Services (Chemical Peels)

Glycolic Peel: An option to improve your skin’s texture and enhance natural radiance, treat any fine lines, wrinkles and lighter freckles. $150

Salicylic Peel: An option for mild to moderate acne. $70

Lactic Acid Peel: An option for dehydrated photoaged, menopausal and hyper-pigmented skin. $70

AHA Active Exfoliator: An option for mild to moderate aging, superficial skin rejuvenation. $100

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